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The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide

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Struggling to get your glamping business off the ground?

Get access to ready-made business plan templates, strategies, research, pricing plans and much, much more, to help launch your new glamping business and skyrocket its success, without even breaking a sweat! Read on for more information…


Product Description

You can start your own Glamping and luxury camping lifestyle business. Let us show you how with the Ultimate Glamping Business Guide. This is a step-by-step online course to fast-track the launch of your lifestyle business plan. This course is for those who want to learn in their own time, at their own pace and from home.

Do you want to learn quickly and jump ahead of the competition?

You’d be crazy not to!

We’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to and this is what you’ll get to help you launch your ideas quickly:

About Glamping – Glamping isn’t a new idea. Many landowners have been reaping the rewards for years with potential earnings up to $24,000 / £15,000 for every half acre of land dedicated to one deluxe camping unit. How do we know that? We’ve done extensive research and interviewed existing cool camping businesses to get inside secrets of how to set up a successful glamping business quickly. We’ve also searched worldwide markets for growing trends, customer profiles, different glamping options available to businesses and key factors for success from real businesses operating around the world.

Starting A Campsite – What makes a piece of land ideal for a glampsite, crucial issues to consider before buying an existing site and converting it, permissions you will need to keep it legal, approximate timelines involved and operational and site maintenance considerations.

Developing A Glamping Product – Essential elements to consider when developing a glamping product including where you can go to get inspiration to develop the next big thing.

Business Planning and Strategy – How to identify your competitors, what you can learn from them, tools to use and what to look for. Also, how to set and maintain action plans, targets, and how to establish your brand and branding elements. It also includes details on potential income and expenditure figures, essential for effective business planning.

How To Boost Your Business Online – Essential elements of being found online, Search Engine Optimisation essentials and key elements for success for small businesses.

Photography And Imagery – Ways photography and imagery can benefit your business, how to commission a photographer and how you can use your own images to boost your business.

The Essentials – Publicity and promotion, essential negotiation skills, environmental considerations of a glamping business, elements of organising an event, a launch or re-launch plan to achieve ultimate success and the best customer welcome pack ideas to keep your customers coming back for more.

Inspirations, Information And Tools – A list of essential resources and companies positioned to help you enter the market successfully and stay up-to-date with developments within this camping niche. Also, we talk to existing glamping business and get their experience, tips and inspirations.

Plus Extras:

Marketing And Promotion

We’re living in a digital age and media is driving how customers engage with businesses. This element of the course gives you tons of mind-blowing tips to find your audience, REALLY speak to them through your marketing and give your business a surge of vital exposure online.

Social Media

Think everyone know more about social media marketing than you do? Well, not any more because this part of the course will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about creating a following.

Promotion on Inspired Camping

When you purchase this course you will have an opportunity to launch your new business on… an inspiration portal that has literally thousands of views a day and tens of thousands of regular readers.

Fit It Around You, Your Family And Your Work

Packed with everything you need to know to start your own glamping business, this video and text based course can be studied in the comfort of your own home, in your own time and at your own pace. You can access the materials anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and best of all, you can watch each video as many times as you want until you’re confident enough to start forging ahead with your glamping business ideas.

Lifelong Access To A Course Being Updated As The Market Grows

You will have lifelong access to the Guide which is being updated regularly with essential new information about emerging trends, news, ideas, knowledge, business planning tips, industry secrets and profit building ideas within the glamping industry, as and when they happen.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money back…

100% satisfaction guaranteed so if within 30 days you don’t feel this Guide or the exciting extras will help you launch your business, we will refund your investment immediately. Seriously, if this isn’t right for you we don’t want your money!

If you’re not quite ready to buy the training, but you still want to receive real, timely and essential tips for your luxury camping product or service, then sign up below. 

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“As the Founder of Inspired Camping and with her background in business, she’s perfectly placed to provide these courses, which from experience I know will be enormously valuable to the industry.”

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