The Marketing Masterclass...

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The Marketing Masterclass has been tailored for unique hospitality businesses to get visible, make bookings and get more heads-in-beds, without having to spend out on ads!

Get your business visible and working on auto-pilot so you can maximise your bookings and get more customers without spending more on your advertising.

The Marketing Masterclass is designed to help you attract more customers and increase your occupancy levels with ease and without feeling overwhelmed.

The step-by-step instructions take you through some of the most successful marketing strategies available to you today. Techniques that very few in this industry are currently taking advantage of, to help get results faster and easier. 

DO YOU WORRY that...

  • In the face of increasing competition, your sales and profit margins are going to plummet?
  • Would you like a way to build the visibility of your business without having to rely on expensive commission-led platforms?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the demands on your time and think that everyone knows more than you do?
  • frown-o
    Do you simply want to get more heads-in-beds without having to spend more on your advertising?
  • frown-o
    Or are you a new business wanting to up-their-game and launch into this market quickly with the very best foundations for future success?

Glamping and unique accommodation vacations have moved from being an unusual trend into a significant industry and business model, so you are right to be worried because that also brings the threat of: 

  • Extra competition from larger companies, which scares you
  • Costs spiralling out of control through increasing advertising fees
  • Demoralisingly high commission pay-outs to others while you do all the work
  • long-arrow-right
    The feeling you are only working to make everyone else richer
  • Loosing your dream lifestyle business and gaining more stress.    


All you need to do is reach more of the right people more of the time, to bring you better results... faster. 

You can do this by getting your marketing right and stepping up like never before. By being organised and strategic and by becoming the leader of your business. 

But getting started can be overwhelming. That's why the Marketing Masterclass gives you everything possible to help you with each stage of the process.

The easy to understand lessons come with essential checklists and other bonus materials, to put you in complete control while you kick start your marketing, attract more customers and boost your occupancy levels.  

The Marketing Masterclass is a high-level, 8-week, group coaching course in Inspired Course's VIP Lounge. 

With four highly-focused coaching sessions, workbooks and bonuses, it helps you demystify the marketing process and unleash your business potential... on steroids!

The Masterclass deconstructs the marketing processes of successful hospitality and unique accommodation businesses into simple, easy to learn steps for you to follow. 

The package includes access to all the online materials so you can learn in your own time, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. The group coaching will also be recorded so you can view it at any time if you are not able to make the live sessions. 

The full course and bonuses include tailored resources, step-by-step guides, templates, swipe files, cheat sheets, downloads and other amazing content and insights that will help you leap in front of your competition and get your customers begging for more. 

The 8-week Marketing Masterclass is for anyone in the business of offering unique accommodation and specifically…


  • check
    Glamping businesses
  • check
    Prolific holiday home owners
  • check
    Luxury and unique camping sites
  • check
    Bed and breakfast establishments
  • check
    Boutique hotels and smaller establishments
  • check
    Leisure experience and self-catering accommodation
  • check
    Cabins, treehouses, hobbit holes and other unique accommodation

This Certified group coaching course is held only a few times a year to help you simplify your marketing strategy and make the most of your business in the least amount of time and with a limited budget.

If you know you need to stretch and grow your business, reach more people, increase your customers, attract and train the right team of people to support you, systematise your efforts, get organised, understand more about online and offline marketing, get strategic and know your numbers inside-out when it comes to marketing expenditure and return on investment, then this is for you.

The Marketing Masterclass shares all the shortcuts, the secrets and the answers to promoting your hospitality business and giving it momentum, so you can reap the rewards of a tidal wave of customers, maximum occupancy rates and skyrocketing business revenue.


Held in the Marketing Masterclass VIP lounge, with Business Coach, Sarah Riley, it allows you to watch the lessons, download the accompanying workbooks, go step-by-step through the checklists, take advantage of the additional resources and ask questions about how it all applies to your business in the group coaching sessions.

All you need is a computer, the Internet, access to Facebook and a quiet place for you to retreat and learn. Everything is recorded, so if you can’t make the time of the coaching then you can watch it in your own time at home or in the office. 

This is transformational learning because you do the work while you go through the course and take part in the group coaching, allowing you to bring immediate benefits to your business and avoid feeling overwhelmed, because you can do it all at your own pace.

The Modules are released at incremental times throughout the 8 weeks to allow for coachable learning on specific topics and to avoid you feeling overwhelmed with the information given. It is designed to give you maximum support while you go through each of the steps, take part in the learning, use the workbooks and implement the actions, which in turn will bring limitless growth and huge gains to your business.

If you employ a member of staff, or even a team, and want them to be on top of their game with their marketing knowledge, then this course is also for them.

Yes, that’s right... once you have access you can even share the content of the course with your team! Think how much time and money that's going to save you in staff training.

The easy to follow video and workbook Masterclass will free you up from having to train your staff while making sure that maximum effort is being made to get your marketing organised, strategic and winning like never before. All without you having to spend time bringing them up to speed, as this course will do it for you on automatic!

You can watch the Masterclass as often as you want, from your own home and in your own time, share it with your team and have lifelong access to the content and downloads. 


  • Build momentum
  • Gain Customers
  • Tackle overwhelm
  • smile-o
    Increase efficiency
  • smile-o
    Pinpoint your focus
  • smile-o
    Reduce your costs
  • smile-o
    Uncover your zone of genius 
  • smile-o
    Understand where you need to outsource
  • smile-o
    And show you the exact steps to increase your overall occupancy levels
Inspired Courses

The Marketing Masterclass

What's Included...


Week/Module1: An introduction to your business marketing and getting started

You have a business, so that makes you a marketer. Now it's time to become a GREAT marketer! This Module shows you the foundations to getting the results you want faster and easier, and how to set it up so it works on auto-pilot. 

Your introduction to marketing

Find out the essential pieces of the puzzle. They fit together to make a successful and scaleable business. If one bit is missing then it won’t work the way it should. 

The essentials of unforgettable branding 

A vital lesson that shows you the essential elements to creating unforgettable branding and having it work for you on auto-pilot. Even if you have your brand, there's still room to tweak it to bring maximum success.

Essential planning tools

This part gives you step-by-step instructions about what you need to think through and make decisions about today to get the best results from your business marketing.

Promotional planning

Demonstrating why its so important to get this bit right, while leaving yourself some wiggle room and a marketing-margin-for-magic for those things you didn’t plan for.

Understanding you, what makes you tick and why it’s ok to outsource

A rarely talked about technique for you to really get to know yourself better. This session will TRULY open your eyes and leave you stunned by what you discover… in a good way.


Week/Module 2: Content Creation

Become your own graphic designer and copywriter in a day with ease and while keeping complete control of your words, imagery and designs. This Module explains what works, and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to waste your time trying.

Everything you need to know about writing publicity copy and crafting blogs… and why you should care

This proves why content is king and shows you the elements you need to focus on, including a helpful checklist to use every time you need to craft something of your own.

Graphic design training with your branding for various platforms

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to make stunning graphics for posters, adverts, social media posts, website offers and more, including what you need to get the wow factor.

The ‘how’ of email campaigns

Everyone keeps telling you to do this, but how do you get it right? 

Keeping your assets in order and available for your team

Mapping out those essential assets to help you be the effective leader of your team. 


Week/Module 3: Attract interested people and turn them into lifetime customers who send you referrals 

Helping you understand the essentials of having an online presence to attract customers who want to buy from you. This Module makes it easy, even if you don't understand the technology.

Different stages of marketing with your customers

There are more stages to the process of attracting your customers than you might think. And the most important part? Well, that’s developing your relationship with potential customers you haven’t even met yet. Sound impossible? Not for long!

Understanding your target market and what makes them tick

Knowing what makes your potential customer tick is essential… but difficult. I make it easy by showing you where to look and asking you the right questions to get your grey cells buzzing.

The art and science of repeat bookings

This lesson shows you in great detail how to turn a one time customer into a lifetime customer who sends you referrals.

Dealing with complaints 

Let me be your cheerleader and mentor for those unthinkable moments when a customer complains. Have my vital golden rules available for you to refresh your skills and give you courage if you are ever asked to step into the lion's den. 


Week/Module 4: Crafting your offer and making sales

Understand, find and talk to your customers and make them want to buy from you... with pleasure... because you are going to make them realise you are a match made in heaven. 

Understanding what makes you unique

What makes you different and why it’s so important to get this bit right. This lesson unravels the secrets of those who have already claimed their va va voom!

Your product or service and how to price it and sell it

Do you know what pricing strategies everyone else is using and why? But do you want to know why I recommend a completely different approach? This lesson will get you thinking differently to avoid starting a race to the bottom. 

Conversion tools for converting interest into bookings

This lesson explains, in a super-simple way, how to get your website and adverts to convert your audience into customers with ease.

The how and why of feedback and what it can do for you

This lesson will get you thinking about doing something you’ve never done before… and you’ll be excited about it because it will open doors and bring real opportunities to you.

What has to be right and what so many business owners get wrong with their websites

Watch over my shoulder as I give a unique accommodation business a full and real-time website audit. This lesson will give you ah-ha moments about your own website like you’ve never had before.

How to find and talk to your customers and make them want to buy from you.

This lesson will help you understand how to tailor the language of your offer in such a way to get your potential customers desperate to book with you!


Week/Module 5: Getting your social media right

Discover what works best in this industry with step-by-step guides to help you generate greatness while streamlining your efforts.

What works best with this industry and why

Including what I recommend and why. With social media… I don’t just say… I do! Just take a look at my own ‘Inspired Camping’ platforms to know that I mean business when it comes to building an audience. Now I want to share my secrets with you!

The essentials for...

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, including the specific benefits of each one so you can make the best choice about where you dedicate your time.

Results focused...

How to go from 0-1000 in 3 months using a simple but effective approach.

The tools available to help make it easier

Learn about the tools others are using and which ones are best for you.


Week/Module 6: Measuring performance in a sexy way!

Easily measure your website performance, occupancy levels and advertising costs versus effort with these simple tools to make sure you are getting the maximum return on any investments you make. This Module gives you the reasons why as well as a downloadable do-it-for-you spreadsheet. All you need to do is drop in the numbers and it will show you the totals, leaving you to make the best decisions for your business.

Performance indicators and your return on investment

Different marketing performance indicators and why they are so important to calculate your return on investment. 

Reputation management

Analysing your online and offline business image and the top ways to find out what people are saying about you.

How to measure your online impact

Learn what you need to focus on and how you can use certain analytics to shape a more dynamic and successful business. 

The tools available to help make it easier

Learn about the tools others are using and which ones are the best for you.


Week/Module 7: How to make the media work for you

The Media is a complicated beast, but there are ways you can tame it to make it work for you. This module will explain many elements that will help you see things differently. You will take a peek behind the curtain and understand more about what makes them tick. Your relationship with the media will change from this moment onwards.

Dealing with media and understanding how to make it work for you

Get the inside line on what you need to do to shift the power balance in your relationship with the media.

Getting your assets right and being prepared for anything

The what, when and how of what you need when dealing with the media regularly.

Unforgettable topic ideas, developing the perfect pitch and landing coverage

How to write a press release and come up with brilliant topic ideas whenever you need them so you can develop the perfect pitch and land that major news story.


The Marketing Masterclass Bonuses

The bonuses are designed to bring you a tidal wave of customers, maximum occupancy and skyrocketing bookings, with ease and without feeling overwhelmed. 

  • 1
    A gift to you (and a secret weapon) that will get your business blog flying for the next year without having to do a thing.
  • 2
    A 'how to' sourcebook for getting listed in multiple accommodation directories to maximise your bookings.
  • 3
    A free e-book for your website visitors to download to help you grow your email list and future guests.
  • 4
    Getting your mindset ready for success (and dealing with imposter syndrome).
  • 5
    Top ways to increase your revenue that you probably haven't thought of.
  • 6
    A Professional Photographers guide to improving your business imagery with ease.
  • 7
    500 word blog post with your images and backlinks on Inspired Camping when you launch
  • 8
    10 cool ways you can nurture your customers by email to keep them interested and in the 'buyers' state of mind.
  • 9
    A list of tools others are using to simplify their marketing activities so you can too.
  • 10
    40 powerful ways you can promote your business on a limited budget.
  • 11
    12 content marketing ideas to easily create engagement on your social media channels.
  • 12
    The beginners guide to website SEO and getting Google to love your website


Masterclass Coaching Sessions

To make this learning truly transformational, there will be 4 group training sessions giving you an opportunity to ask questions and understand how to apply everything to your own business.

Sarah Riley was an absolute lifeline for us. Her e-learning course was our first discovery, which saved us hours of time of research and £100’s of pounds of potential wasted money by taking decisions that would have been uneducated.

There is no other resource out there of this quality in the glamping sector - other than Sarah Riley herself! After purchasing the e-learning course, it was an easy decision to retain the services of Sarah as a consultant. Via computer conferencing, we have had several sessions which were part structured -with focus on our business plan etc., and part unstructured -which was invaluable time we had to pick Sarah’s brains and ask questions that we were unable to find answers to ourselves - or indeed just a bit of sanity checking.

Sarah has a very approachable and calm style wrapped with passion in what she does. I am sure that anyone that is looking to employ either her courses or her consultancy services will have immediate payback for the investment.

Mark Kirby

Your tutor, Sarah Riley, is a professionally qualified coach and trainer. Her work ranges from lifestyle business start-up advice and training, to project management, books and TV projects around the world.

As Founder of Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and the joint owner of a 5 star boutique hospitality business for over a decade, she has been involved in hospitality marketing for many years.

Now she wants to share her trade secrets with you to get your business flying so you can  jump ahead of the competition. 

sarah riley
Sarah Riley Performance Coach

The Marketing Masterclass

This unique and tailored 8-week Certified Marketing Masterclass with group coaching sessions, workbooks and fantastic bonuses, have never before been offered in this industry. You can join the program in the VIP Lounge now for £495.

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not totally satisfied with the Marketing Masterclass and the amazing bonuses that wait for you in the VIP Lounge, your purchase will be reimbursed immediately. It's as simple as that... x

Places are limited...


Q. Why are the doors only open for a short time?

Doors to the Marketing Masterclass close so students who purchase the course can get Sarah's full attention in the coaching sessions and when questions are raised in the VIP Lounge.

Q. What if the course is exactly what I need but the doors are closed?

Get in touch to talk about your options using hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com

Q. What is the VIP Lounge and where is it?

It is a members-only area reserved for ambitious and determined business owners who want to succeed with their unique accommodation and glamping business ideas and aspirations. Here's the link:

Q. Is there anything else going on in the members VIP area?

Yes. In the future we will be sharing expert interviews and advice for members only.

Q. Will I have lifetime access to the Marketing Masterclass course material?


Q. Do the materials apply to my country?

Yes. The materials apply to unique accommodation businesses around the world.

Q. Is this course relevant for any accommodation business?

Yes. It has been tailored for unique accommodation businesses, but it can be applied to all scenarios.

Q. I'm only just starting to develop my business. Is it still relevant for me?

Yes, absolutely. The information in the Marketing Masterclass has never before been shared in this way in the unique accommodation industry. Early adopters always reap the rewards of being the first to implement specific strategies and actions. It is also much harder to shift and change further down the line, so getting it right from the start is essential. 

Q. Is the Course Certified?

Yes. The course is Certified by Inspired Courses. Once you have completed the lessons you will be sent your Certification. This can be used to reimburse your fees through local business schemes and grants available to you. 

Q. When are the coaching sessions and where do they take place?

You will be sent the dates and your access details when you start the course. 

Q. Are the coaching sessions recorded?

Yes. They will be available for you to view 24 hours after the coaching has completed.

Q. Will I see a significant increase in the success of my business after taking the course?

In our opinion, the only expert knowledge you need is in the Marketing Masterclass. However, it is up to you to do the work and apply it to your own business. That's when the magic happens. 

Q. How much is it?

The Certified 8-week Marketing Masterclass with group coaching sessions, workbooks and bonuses is £495.

Q. Are there other ways I can cover the costs of this course?

Yes. You can explore local business grants available to you and you will be given a Certificate to prove your completion of the lessons. Also, it's worth remembering you only have to make one additional booking, which could cover the entire costs of the course.

Q. Can I spread the payments?

Yes. Please contact hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com to discuss the options.

Q. Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, there is a 14 day money back guarantee. Simply contact support to discuss this option.

Q. How do I access the VIP Lounge?

Once you have purchased your course and group coaching program, you will be sent your login details via the email you used to make the purchase. Please check all your email folders and add hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com to your contacts.

Q. Can I share the contents of this Masterclass with my business partner or future employees?

Yes, of course. You have invested in this package and we want you to get the full value of that investment.

Q. How long is this course?

This is a timed-release 8 week course with 4  group coaching sessions.

Q. Why is it that long?

It is spread over 8 weeks so you can fully apply the knowledge you gain in the lessons to your own business, implement the action steps recommended in the workbooks and take part in the group coaching without feeling overwhelmed.

Q. What format are the lessons in?

The lessons are high-quality explanation videos, with downloads and accompanying workbooks.

Q. Where do I find the workbooks?

Each week the course has its own workbook for you to print and use alongside the video lessons, to ensure your learning is truly transformational for your business.

Q. When Can I get my hands on the amazing bonuses?

They will be released when you have gained a full understanding of how you can use them to their fullest potential. Full instructions will be given when you purchase the course.

Q. I'm not ready to sign up just yet. How can I get notification when the Masterclass opens again?

Visit this page and sign up for the email alerts. You will also get some amazing and free marketing tips.

Q. Do you have a partners referral program for the Marketing Masterclass?

Yes, we do. If you would like to be one of our referring partners, who in return will receive a generous commission for each referral, please contact hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com

Q. I think I need a bit more help. Can I get more one-to-one sessions with Sarah?

Yes. Please contact hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com for more information.

Q. Can I consult with Sarah on specific business development ideas I have?

Yes. Please contact hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com for more information.

Q. Would you be able to run a workshop for my team to help with specific issues important to us?

Yes. Please contact hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com for more information.

Q. Where can I find out more about starting and running a glamping business?

Please visit this page for more information.

Q. I've purchased the course and forgotten my access details.

Please contact hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com for more information.

Q. Where do I go if I need more help?

Please contact hello(at)inspiredcourses(dot)com for more information.

I contacted Sarah about having some coaching, as I felt like I needed help in finding my focus with work and looking at ways to direct my energy into the right places. Working with Sarah has given me a better understanding of my audience and how I can connect with these people on a personal level and have a continued relationship with them by ensuring that I am giving them what they want and need, but still fulfilling my role. 

Sarah has given me many useful tools to use not only in work but within my personal life to help me focus when I feel like there is a firework going off in my head! Through the coaching sessions I feel I have better direction, less confusion and more understanding of how I can move forward with my work, website and clients. A big thank you! 

Becky Jones


  • To reach more people?
  • stretch and grow your business
  • Increase your occupancy levels?
  • Attract and train the right team?
  • Systematise your marketing efforts?
  • Get you and your team fully organised?
  • Understand more about on and offline marketing?
  • Get strategic and know your numbers inside-out?

The Marketing Masterclass

Get the Certified 8-week Marketing Masterclass with group coaching sessions, workbooks and the fantastic bonuses for £495.

Act now before the doors close. They won't be opening again until the end of the year.

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