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It's hard enough starting a business without having to learn from scratch. Spending precious time researching everything you need to know is time consuming and inefficient. This course will help you learn quickly so you can achieve quickly, giving you more chance of success and helping you leap-frog the competition. 


This video and text based online course can be accessed anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and can be watched as often as necessary to grow your confidence so you can build your business ideas at your own pace and in your own time.


This is a young and evolving marketplace and as the industry develops so does the course, therefore adding value to your initial investment and future-proofing your business training needs.


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Including business plan templates, industry research, valuable checklists, marketing strategies, financial plans, customer profiling, social media training, photography guides and much more... 
the ultimate glamping business guide

Get immediate access to over 6 hours of video tutorials, step-by-step lessons and project management timelines to support your new business.

social media training

Access valuable industry statistics, marketing strategies, social media plans and photography guides tailored for your business.

small business

Download your step-by-step plan when you're ready to launch your business and seize the opportunity to shout about it on ''

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Fast-track the launch of your new business and jump ahead of the competition today...

Sarah Riley was an absolute lifeline for us. Her e-learning course was our first discovery, which saved us hours of time of research and £100’s of pounds of potential wasted money by taking decisions that would have been uneducated.

There is no other resource out there of this quality in the glamping sector - other than Sarah Riley herself! After purchasing the e-learning course, it was an easy decision to retain the services of Sarah as a consultant. Via computer conferencing, we have had several sessions which were part structured -with focus on our business plan etc., and part unstructured -which was invaluable time we had to pick Sarah’s brains and ask questions that we were unable to find answers to ourselves - or indeed just a bit of sanity checking.

Sarah has a very approachable and calm style, wrapped with passion in what she does. I am sure that anyone that is looking to employ either her courses or her consultancy services will have immediate payback for the investment.

Mark Kirby  United Kingdom

The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide has been so helpful in the process of setting up our business. We bought the guide whilst looking for suitable properties and it enabled us to visualise what we needed from a site. Without this there isn’t much information available on how to go about setting up a glampsite so it has been invaluable. We moved to Norfolk in summer 2014 and because of the Guide were immediately able to start working on our business idea by applying for planning permission & licenses. We set up Round the Woods last year and opened just in time for the August Bank Holiday weekend.

We currently have 2 fully furnished yurts and are located in Norfolk, offering a luxury experience for our guests to relax and connect with nature. We’re really looking forward to our 1st full season!

Thanks for producing such a comprehensive Guide – we are still regularly referring to it for advice – particularly the sections on marketing and social media.

Kate Symonds United Kingdom

The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide” and found it very useful and well worth the money! As someone who has dreamt of owning my own glamping business for years but not known really where to start, this course really does give you the confidence that there is a growing market for glamping, along with excellent guidance on the operational and financial areas to consider, information I had previously found difficult to obtain by myself. Along side the course Sarah has been excellent support, responding to my many emails with friendly and informative responses, and I would like to say thank you to Sarah as I think I may have been bordering on being a nuisance. Thanks!!!

Lee Peters United States                 

I have just finished your online course ‘the ultimate glamping business guide’. Thank you, not only have I enjoyed the content, it has been really useful. I have had the desire to set up my own ‘glamping site’ for some time now, your course has given me the momentum to push ahead. I have written my business plan and last week met with a landowner. It’s all systems go! I would recommend this course to anyone seriously considering setting up a glamping site.

Paul McCarty Ireland


Fast-track the launch of your new business and jump ahead of the competition today...

What's included...

Everything you need to know about glamping, its customers and the industry: 

  • What are the different glamping models available to you and how can you stand out from the crowd?
  • Why do people go glamping and how can you attract the right customer to your business?
  • What are the current glamping trends in the market, what works best and how can you take advantage of them?
  • What are the expectations in the glamping market and how can your business meet those demands?

Getting your choice of land and facilities right: 

  • What makes a piece of land ideal for a campsite or glampsite and what questions do you need to ask yourself to avoid costly mistakes? 
  • What are the crucial issues to consider before buying an existing site and converting it?
  • What permissions do you need to keep it legal? 
  • What are the approximate timelines involved in setting your business up?
  • What operational and site maintenance considerations will you need to make depending on what facilities you offer? This guide covers them all and helps you make the right decision for your business.

How to identify and develop a product for the glamping market:

  • What are the crucial issues you need to consider when developing a product for this market?
  • What steps can you take and where do you need to go to get inspiration to develop the next big thing?

Business Planning and Strategy:

  • How to identify your competitors, what you can learn from them, tools to use and what to look for.
  • How to set and maintain action plans, targets, and how to establish your brand and branding elements.
  • Exactly what your unique selling position should be to help you stand out in the crowd.
  • Examples of potential income and expenditure figures, based on real glamping business models already operating, helping you understand EXACTLY what your return on investment will be and WHEN.
  • Examples of rental fees, occupancy rates and how much you can expect to earn with this type of business.
  • The operational and site maintenance considerations you will need to make.
  • A guide to your likely set-up costs.

How to boost your business online:

  • Essential elements of being found online, including, Search Engine Optimisation essentials for your website and key elements for your online success.

Essential photography and imagery:

  • Get advice from an Award winning professional photographer about how you can use photography and imagery to benefit your business and boost occupancy rates.
  • This includes essential elements to commissioning a photographer successfully so you get exactly what you want.

Essential small business skills:

  • Publicity and promotion essentials.
  • Negotiation skills to secure better deals and lower costs.
  • What you need to know about the environmental considerations of a glamping business.
  • Elements of organising an event, including a launch or re-launch plan to achieve ultimate success.
  • Your source list of essential industry experts and software systems. With Planning Consultants who specialise in glamping, invoicing systems, booking platforms and off-grid specialists, this list has it all.


Your business strategy...

  • Take the stress out of writing your business plan. This guide gives you your essential template with already written sections about the industry ready for you to download and add as needed.

Your early marketing strategy...

  • We're living in a digital age so this bonus gives you tonnes of mind-blowing tips to find your audience, REALLY speak to them through your marketing and give your business that surge of vital exposure online.
  • Also included is how to produce the best customer welcome pack to generate rave reviews, word of mouth advertising and keep your customers coming back for more.

Your social media strategy...

  • Think everyone knows more about social media marketing than you do? Well, not anymore because this part of the course will bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about creating a following, speaking to them, creating relationships and getting them to engage with your product or service.

Launch your business on 'Inspired Camping'...

  • When you purchase this course you will have an opportunity to launch your new glamping business on an inspiration portal that has thousands of views a day and tens of thousands of regular readers and social media followers.

Access it from anywhere in the world...

  • You can access the materials anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, allowing you to learn at your own pace, in your own time and from home. Best of all, this means you can watch each video as many times as you want until you are confident enough to start forging ahead with your glamping business ideas.

Get life-long access...

  • You will have lifelong access to the Guide and it's bonuses, all of which are being updated regularly with essential new information about emerging trends, news, ideas, knowledge, business planning tips, industry secrets and profit building ideas within the glamping industry, as and when they happen. 


100% satisfaction guaranteed so if within 14 days you don’t feel this Guide or the exciting bonuses will help you launch your business, email us to let us know why and how we can improve the Guide, and we will refund your investment.


Fast-track the launch of your new business and jump ahead of the competition today...

sarah riley

Your tutor, Sarah Riley, is a professionally qualified Performance Coach, trainer and mentor. Her work ranges from lifestyle business start-up advice and training, to project managing and researching books and TV projects around the world.

Sarah was the joint owner of a 5 star boutique hospitality business for over a decade and has been working in the glamping industry for over 7 years.

She is also the Founder of - and The Marketing Masterclass, helping new businesses launch their ideas quickly, start earning revenue immediately and jump ahead of the competition.

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